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at the mercy of the breeze/ with a monotonous sound
of engines
on a ship/floating on the aegean sea 
I sink into sleep
I break loose from the world/ I am abandoned
left to fall into oblivion    

my first love accompanies me
                           through the morning cool
only the sea and the town in a sheet of fog
waves crossed by Greeks/ Phoenicians . . .
                             old peoples 
only cities in ruin have remained 
with a steady roar we are pushed
        ever more to the dark open sea
wheels of water are our steps
               we travel among salty dunes/
 permissive /dotted by islands
brilliantly white

the doves soar, companions
careful pairs / with white wings
ending with a black spot
they have round bellies/ and are spindle-shaped
you hear sirtaki/slow rhythms
one step forward/ one step backward
hopped steps /  hands up
stone-still bodies
          loneliness gathered up on deck
at multiple levels 

  * * *

my sweetheart has some special charm 
         like a Beethoven sonata 
with breasts and hips like a  statue 
she seems to be chthonian                              
she expresses herself freely and carnally
a mater genitrix  and Beatrice
cold comes soon/ it is soaring
                          it rushes violently
it has wheels and muzzles of metal
it would like to swallow us 
it is/ like the angel’s hand
                   on human faces 

we embrace without past
       / the pair that begins the world/
a tired curiosity guides us
    /in the  gathering up of the moments
   tamed hearts
                       dig a tunnel of meanings 
 through the warm air

in the run of  the constellations 
              we find the marks of destruction
a travel that dresses  
             our despair 
                        in frozen waves 

and your mouth is a spring
            from which I taste childhood
  I lean against a cherry tree
             lonely and stately/ between the dwarf hornbeam
and stray oak trees

what if summer ends

  * * *

these lilac blossoms
are the last / I offer you
in  this millennium
we have been present/ for such a short time
( only half a century)

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