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I enter an e-office and approach the e-desk.
 - Hello, how can I help you.
 - Hello. I came for a birthday grant.
 - How old are you?
 - I turned 602.
 - That's not what I mean. Didn't you get an update?
 - I don't think...
 - There's a difference between births. New form birth after reprogramming, or digital conversion.
 - Ah, now it's clear - I answered. - Digitally, the 450 in e-July, the 548th anniversary of the transmutation in April. Today I have the biological.
 - OK.
A few beeps later, I am richer by 602 e-cash.
 - Thank you.
 - In three years, you can apply for the Posthumous.



Joe's parents bought a dog so that he would have someone to play, so he would let them work.
The child was playing with his beloved pet for hours.
Until he grew up...
Julek got bored with the dog because he didn't look like a toy anymore.
Not knowing what to do, the boy's father took the dog far out of town and left it there.
Julek grew up his parents grew old.
He had no patience to look after his parents.
He took them to a different town and left in a state shelter.
And he never visited them...

                 At Data Collection store

- Just a hundred eurolars?
 - Are you a public figure? - asked the Data Collection employee. - Are you Famous?
 - No.
 - Have you made a groundbreaking discovery?
 - Uh...
 - Well...
 - I have to feed my family! - He protested. - I brought all my contacts. E-mails, phone numbers, addresses!
 - But your friends are mediocre too.
 - Do you have cameras here?
 - Yes...
He pulled out a blaster.
 - I've got a shield...
 - Daddy's doing this for you. - He said to the camera. - Get the money, as the News'll broadcast it!
He shot himself.
He didn't know that the news would delete it.
This's the eighth suicide this year...


              Fun in a funfair 

Guests enjoyed the views on the Ferris wheel.
The hall of mirrors was fun as usual.
People burst out laughing at the sight of their twisted faces.
The squeals of frightened children came from the Haunted Mansion.
The rollercoaster was one big scream.
As if nothing had changed. Just like every other day. But it's just an appearance...
The same people. The same places. A ghastly Groundhog Day.
Only the seasons changed.
But for them, whether snow or rain, the sun always shone.
Eternal magical summer.
In reality, the amusement park had been dead for years. Just like its guests.

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