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from the wooden leg
of my grandfather
I have carved pipes
which I have thrown
into the water of the river
every day
one by one
have grown
over the unknown years
which will break


an albino sun
kept hitting the giant
come out like a frigate
from the placenta of fog
ocean reddened by the cliffs

 I gnash                         
between the sky and the atlantis of stone
hidden the Colorado River meanders
uprooted trees like the Navajo Indians
cry after the lost land
the teeth of cliff
like a shadow
the vulture’s claw )


hearing time pass—
soon out of time I will embrace
you on our journey


foggy night
it spits with rain
flickering lights
here and there
the Bedouins’ followers
socialize round
the red-hot grill grates
it is past midnight
the luxury limousines run
along the eight lanes to one direction   
the fever of black gold or. . .rush hour?
We cross Dubai
always awake
at dawn the shadow of mystery disappears
a sick sun, come out from the placenta of the clouds
whips the sea that runs away from the seashore
In the Persian Gulf the blue jellyfish
remain exiled on the sand still wet
they agonize
on the dehydrated sand
white corridors of salt divide the solar light
into visible spectrum
we leave Burj Kalifa behind us
with the unearthly point of spear
making the blue bleed
defying gravity
and the arrogance of an old-fashened west
I am in United Arab Emirates
a Heliopolis of glass and steel
made from sand and reeds
fishermen’s huts
and the play to the sky
is only at the beginning 



I’ve grown sick of death’s kiss
in solitude
though I bleed for the heavenly fruit
and shadows roll over me
from the wax museum
for another summer
between the walls powdered with graffiti
I see again the painting with leaves of wax
in the empty street
that goes to Pater
and I say goodbye
and leave
(from the imperial capital)

    English version by Olimpia Iacob & Jim Kacian

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